Thanks for visiting my website and I hope you are enjoying all the adorable pictures that I am sharing here. 

I am Sandra, professional photographer based in Liverpool and a mum of a three year old little girl and a nine year old very spoiled cat.

I haven’t been a photographer all the time. My bachelor is in Journalism and after working for five years for a tv channel in Colombia, I came to England where I finished a MA in cinematography in Goldsmiths University of London. Then I moved to liverpool where I discovered my passion for photography. 

I stepped into the magical animal world with my camera and very often with Timotea, my cat who enjoyed greatly coming out with me to Princess Park at almost everyday at down. There was where I discovered my passion not just for Wildlife photography but for photography itself. 

After a couple of months and after post producing and sharing my wildlife photos, friends start referring me some friends and asking me to take pictures for their kids too.


It was amazing that they came to me as I knew I was ready to move into another beautiful photography category. 

So I started my journey in newborn photography and I loved the results and I also loved the fact that parents were so much in love with the pictures too.


From there I have done maternity, pets and wedding photography and I will love to do this full time.


For now, I alternate photography with my job at the University of Liverpool as a Content Developer where I also produce creative videos and cool animations.